Having your car stolen is never a good thing but it's a much bigger problem when there's a body in the trunk. 


Glenn Gillman thinks practical jokes are harmless fun, and they are until somebody dies.  The death of restaurant manager Stan Kozlova may have been an accident but Glenn panics, worried he'll be blamed.  He decides to move the body and loads it into the trunk of his vintage Mustang.  Before he can unload it though, his car is stolen, and Glenn finds he has a whole new set of problems to worry about.  


Things go from bad to worse and before long Glenn finds himself at the centre of a crime spree that includes identity theft, home invasion, embezzlement and murder.  A hired killer named Echo is determined to find the owner of the Mustang, convinced that the owner witnessed a murder.  But Echo isn't the only threat that Glenn needs to worry about.   He soon learns that Echo strings are being pulled by a deranged City Council member and a red-headed bombshell with homicidal tendencies.


Mustang Shuffle is an intrecately plotted thriller that expertly weaves multiple converging storylines.  Funny, unpredictable, and wildly entertaining, Mustang Shuffle provides insightful reflections on love, redemption, and the origins of the universe, as well as cows falling from the ceiling, body parts in resealable plastic containers and a whole lot of gunfire.

Jeff Norburn



"A seemingly harmless practical joke gone horribly arwy  triggers a string of brutal murders, entangling the lives of more than a dozen seemingly disparate people in this well-conceived, strongly executed and highly readable thriller."

"The story is rife with relevant pop culture references."

"The prose is crisp and the dialogue realistic."


- Publishers Weekly